The McNab Stockdog Breed Description

The McNab is recognized as a landrace breed by its means of establishment.  Landrace breeds represent an early-stage development. “Landrace” as used here is a general term that refers to populations of animals that are isolated to a local area where local production goals and the local physical environment drive selection. As the boundary is drawn around a standardized breed certain characteristics and traits can easily be left out, the result is that most standardized breeds have more physical uniformity then do most landraces.

The McNab Stockdog Foundation is dedicated to the education and conservation of this magnificent landrace herding dog breed! Typically, the McNab is a medium sized dog ranging from 30 – 60 lbs. and standing 14 to 26 inches at the top of the shoulder.

The preferred coat is short to medium length and single coated, double coats can occur, hair length averages around two inches long and lays flat. The hair’s texture is on the coarser side which makes the coat resistant to burrs and easily repels water.
Coat colors vary from solid black, deep chocolate, red hues from dark to light including blond, tri-colored, and various shades of sable. All coat colors may carry varying degrees of white trim including around the torso and over the back known as piebald markings. Faces can have blazes, strips, snips, bald white heads and half white face or solid color. Necks often have white collars of various widths. Legs commonly have white socks, stockings and white chest and belly markings. Tails can appear as if they were dipped halfway into a pail of white paint on up to the tip of tail displaying little to no white. Ticking within the white does occur, however roaning is not typical for this breed.
The McNab body types vary from short coupling to long, lean, and leggy. His body is of a medium muscle type. When viewed from behind where the croup ties into the hip, the haunches possess muscle which gives them the power to jump and accelerate at a fast speed. The flank is tucked up tight and heart girth is deep. The back is straight across the top line with a strong loin leading way to well-developed hind quarters. The chest is in balance to the rest of his body. The McNab is noted for his clean straight legs and especially his cat-like tight deep padded toes, cloved shape, or rounded feet.
The head is in proportion to the body. Blocky or too narrow of a head shape is not typical for the breed. Muzzles are medium to slightly long in length, with a gentle stop to the forehead. The ears are medium sized and are well set apart, facing forward or to the side and can range from partially up to fully erect with an alert appearance.
Eyes are oval-shaped revealing the expression of keen intelligence. Eye color will vary with coat color, all puppies are born with blue eyes and change colors as they mature by 10 weeks of age. Colors of eyes can range from deep brown to light amber and all shades in between. It is not uncommon to see one blue eye, marbling, or flecks within an eye.
The teeth meet in a scissors bite. Incisors should meet evenly in front and no more than ¼ of an inch overshot or undershot jaw. Lips/jowls are not too tight or too loose.

Black puppies can be born with pink and black noses, usually changing to all black, where the red puppies are born with pink noses turning brown. Lack of pigment on the nose and around eyes should be no more than 50 %. The neck is of moderate length and not too thick or thin.
McNab’s tails can be long or docked (some are born with a natural bobbed tail), some people prefer a long tail as they feel it aids in balance acting as a rudder.

Gait is smooth and effortless with no waste of motion. The McNab’s are known for their speed, stamina, and amazing agility!

To sum it up, McNab’s are athletic, hardworking dogs, loyal, intelligent, and easily trained. They are superb working stock dogs, hunting dogs, sport dogs and companions.

“The McNab owns you and everything you own. They are so intelligent they will learn everything you teach them, the good and the bad.”

-Alvina Butti

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