McNab Stockdog Foundation Board of Directors

Alvina Butti, President

I was first introduced to the McNab dog by my cousin Bob Dolcini.  I had always been around these dogs growing up at the Dolcini Ranch in Chileno Valley of Petaluma, California. These dogs were used for working the cows plus they hunted deer and pigs with them.  It was amazing to see them in action.

In my late 20’s I received my first McNab, Maggie.  She came from the Dolcini lines and the Benedetti Turkey Ranch lines in Petaluma.  They were using their McNabs to herd Turkeys.

So began my love for the McNab.  My Maggie was brilliant, she could herd, hunt and knew more commands then any dog I had ever had. She was protective, loving, funny, athletic and just over all amazing.

I moved to the Redding California area and was contacted by Donna Seigmund.  Donna had McNabs for many years and we became fast friends and my world of McNabs expanded.  Donna and I researched these dogs and interviewed Myrtle Brown, what a gracious lady with so much character and knowledge.

We began raising McNabs, always staying in our own lines so that we could sell breedable pairs.  I was fortunate enough to meet Lev Beebe so I was using his dogs as my male side.  When he no longer had dogs the hunt was on. I found  local dogs, and then found a Sagehorn dog to breed to.

We shipped puppies all around the United States. Dogs were brought to us to be looked at and evaluated as to being a McNab, some had histories some did not, the ones with no history were put through working tests and personality tests to verify that they were indeed the wonderful dog, the McNab.

Upon moving to Oregon, my life changed, my dream of being part of a working ranch came true.  I brought my dogs with me, McNabs and Border Collies. I only ever had female McNabs so after moving,  was at a loss to find a male.  Good things happened and a good friend of ours had connections with the Lone Pine Ranch and he shipped us two McNabs a male and a female, so we bred McNabs for a while until my females got too old.

I  jumped at the chance to help with this new venture, The DNAing of  McNabs, a landrace breed of dog.  It is proving to be the answer in preserving this wonderful dog as we know it.

Terry Garcin, Vice President

The trail that led me to the McNab Shepherd is an interesting and long read. I will keep it short here and let’s just say the breed opened my eyes when I met my rancher husband (Justy Garcin) At the time the herding dog breeds I had were unable to perform at the same level as Justy’s McNabs, I was helping Justy gather cattle in the hot and steep rugged chaparral country of Central Coast California, and the dogs I had at the time were not much help.

My Australian shepherd and Queensland heeler merely would drive the cattle, which didn’t need pushing. My dogs would overheat quickly in contrast to Justy’s McNabs that ran circles around my dogs. We needed dogs that could keep the cattle from leaving us in the dust.

The McNab’s traits for heading /fetching and holding, along with their endurance and athletic abilities far exceeded any breed of herding dogs I had ever come across. A dog that reasons and knows when and where to be and how much pressure to put on the stock! “One McNab stock dog is worth three cowboys!” deservedly would become our motto.

Thus my journey on a quest to learn more about the best kept California canine secret, the McNab Shepherd, began. Justy and I married in 1999. I brought to the ranch my life long experience and education of horsemanship skills and animal stewardship and was dubbed the R.N. (Ranch Nurse). We began raising the occasional litter to continue the lineage of the dogs we had at the time, keeping a puppy or two for the older dogs to train for cattle work.

It wasn’t until I was visiting our ranch family in Montana that I discovered a McNab breeder in Boulder that had pups. We went to visit the pups for my son-in-law. I had no intention of purchasing one until the kennel gate opened and a 10 week old female puppy named Holly leaped up and had wrapped her forelegs around my shoulders! I was claimed! Holly is now 15 years old and her legacy lineage continues through our breeding program.

Holly is my Godsend and the reason I’m so passionate about preserving this unique breed of herding dog. She runs the ranch and is a true partner in everything we do! In her younger days, rooting up difficult cattle out of the brush and putting them back in the herd, to swimming in a pond retrieving an ornery bull. Holly has chased off mountain lions attacking our sheep and goats in the night. Though Holly is getting older, she still has a job watching the entrance to our home; nobody gets out of their car until she is called off. She is better than any alarm system! We know when someone is coming through our gate 1/4 mile down the mountain, she sounds off, “someone is at the gate bark”! All of her offspring (7 generations) chiming in announcing someone is here.

Justy and I are very grateful for having The McNab Stockdog Foundation as a safe place to keep our lineage through their DNA. This type of registry is what keeps the honest -well intentioned – honest! I’m also very much honored and privileged to take part as the Vice President of The McNab Stockdog Foundation and see to it that the future of the breed is always maintained with the highest integrity and ethical breeding practices for a breed that in my opinion sits on a pedestal above all.

Sibbea Browning, Secretary

Having been raised in rural Eastern Oregon, I grew up gathering, sorting and working cattle horseback. During these years I have observed many types of dogs and handlers work stock. I always paid close attention to the different working styles and especially the dispositions of these dogs as they worked.

I acquired my first McNab and named her Alma for the meaning (Spirit, Soul, Lifeblood). She proved to be just that, changed everything for not only myself, but also my dog-skeptical husband, Matt! True to the McNab style, Alma possesses all the proven traits of a good McNab. In addition to working cattle, I have used her for scent work, bird hunting too, and even take her on my trips into the city where she is a role-model example of good behavior, winning hearts everywhere she goes.

I continued my research of tracking pedigrees and history, and decided to produce a select few litters of my own. This journey has connected me with incredible people and proven to me that the McNab possesses a signature “fingerprint” of their own in their nature and intellect.

To me, the McNab is the ultimate dog: healthy, vibrant, adaptable, intelligent, loyal and possessing an unending work ethic. I enjoy traveling with my dogs for leisure and working beside them on the ranch every day. They brighten my morning and bring me joy in all I do. I cannot imagine a life without them.

As secretary of The McNab Stockdog Foundation, I am honored to come alongside a dedicated team of individuals who are committed to seeing to the research, preservation and continuation of such a phenomenal breed. What a difference we can make as a collective group of like-minded McNab advocates!

Jody Camilletti, Treasurer/Registrar

As a farm/ranch kid I’ve never been without my animals, I bred and raised Australian Shepherds for 20 plus years. I was not aware of the McNab until we inherited one from the neighbors… to much dog for their operation. Rory I’m sure could have worked the yearlings without any assistance from us. As our Aussies began to age, my husband said let’s see if we can find another McNab and that began our search 14 years ago.
And as any of you that have one of these amazing dogs knows, having just one is almost impossible, there are currently 11 at the ranch, working the yearlings on the ranch. In an age where the farming and ranch heritage is becoming smaller and more about how fast can we get done and onto the next thing a great working dog has become a thing of the past.

I certainly don’t have the long history with this breed as some others however as a certified dog trainer, rancher, grandma and animal lover I don’t want to see this breed go the way of so many other working breeds that have been bred for looks not brains. And thus begins my journey to help preserve this breed for generations to come.

Brittany Piper

I am an avid horseback rider of almost 20 years and therefore much of that time has been spent around dog owners of all breeds and crosses of cattle dogs. Ten years ago, I began a four-year period of riding with a western horseman who owned two older McNab Shepherds. Showing an interest in working cattle dogs, I was put in charge of their caretaking. I thought I would be learning how to use dogs for working cattle, but instead I would be falling in love with the McNab Shepherd breed.

Throughout the four years, I spent a lot of time with those two sweet girls researching the breed as much as I could. The two girls were both unique in their physical appearances, but both had a sweet, loyal, steady temperament accompanied by an unwavering work ethic. Even though both were well into their teens, they would be waiting for their owner at the gate to go work cattle. Yet they would also greet me with a happy tail and love a good cuddle when the cows were put away for the day. I found this trait both admirable and unique to the breed and began a search for my own pup. Then I got a call with an opportunity to own a grandson of one of the McNabs I took care of and jumped at the chance. In March of 2012, I brought Ruger home.

Fast forward five years, I was married and expecting our first child. So naturally we were also looking to add another puppy to the family. In June of 2017, my husband Wes and I brought home Winnie and she is such a blessing to our family. So much that we brought home her full sister from another litter in December 2018. So now our family is quite full! We have two little boys, Roarden and Grizzly, three McNab Shepherds, Ruger, Winnie and Crickett, and three Quarter Horses, Little, Cam and PJ. I am so excited to continue to show my love and support for this amazing dog breed by participating on The McNab Stockdog Foundation board!

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