Registration FAQs

Will TMSF require DNA testing for registration?


DNA is required for the sake of tracing dogs (parentage verification) and contributing to the scientific studies of genetic integrity in the breed as well as aiding in the establishment of an accurate breed purity test.

What DNA lab does TMSF recommend?

Embark Vet

TMSF has partnered with Embark Vet. This partnership enables members to utilize a club discount on testing!

What factors were involved in selecting a DNA lab to partner with?

The Board members of TMSF have been actively researching and interviewing the professionals at several world-class DNA labs and are in the process of partnering with a specific lab that has proven to be transparent in their processes, forthcoming with information and is willing to educate on the process. They use leading technology to process their DNA and are supporting members of the IPFD, an international DNA testing standardization organization. In addition to these outstanding qualities, they also offer a wide variety of testing and are willing to work with us to meet our various testing type needs now, and in the future.

My dog looks like a McNab, can I register it?

The McNab is truly a unique breed and although its body type is widely variable, there is a common description that they will fit within (see TMSF Breed Description). Not only physical appearances, but movement, herding instincts and demeanor all factor into identifying a McNab. Also incredibly important are historical lineage documents and information passed down; from written names to breeders and where the dogs came from. Some even go as far as to have descriptions of these dog’s working styles and other notable characteristics that caused them to stand out. These will all be factors counted toward the determination of granting individual registrations. This process is time tested and true, it is the exact manner in which the McNab was developed and rings true to the landrace breed we all love and enjoy.

What do I need to register my McNab?

Be prepared with photos that identify your dog: left and right profiles and front photos. Compile pedigrees with as much information as you can obtain on each dog in the pedigree; photos, breeders, location of birth, date of birth, color, working history/style, etc. The more information, the better. We are building a foundation to conserve the McNab! If you lack historical information about your dog, consider taking video of your dog trotting and running, working stock or even something that mimics the way your dog might work naturally. Finally, a DNA test will be required, but if you have not yet procured one, wait for the announcement so you can take advantage of the membership discount.

Is membership required to register my McNab?

Yes membership is required to register dogs. 

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