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Out of passion and commitment to the McNab Dog, The McNab Stockdog Foundation was born; to conserve the McNab as set for by historical precedence, a landrace breed established in northern California, circa late 1800s.

We strive to conserve the breed through continually gathering and preserving relevant historical information and pursuing modern day scientific research by which to educate the public. By this means, we aim to ensure genetic integrity for the sustainability of the breed, honoring yesterday’s heritage demonstrated in today’s McNab and leading into tomorrow.

The McNab
Considered a working/herding class breed, bred to herd and gather up many varieties of livestock that live in flocks or herds. McNabs have their own style of working that distinguishes the breed from their cousins. 
Join TMSF as a member and support the cause of research, education and conservation of The McMab Stockdog. The TMSF is ran by a volunteer board and 100% of the dues go toward operational costs and the balance accruing into a pool for future support needs such as rescue funding, events, and more.
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